Weekly Photo Challenge – Changing Seasons

Winter’s coming to the the north Cornish coast..

Constantine Bay

Click on the image for a clearer view. It’s worth zooming in on this one ;-)

40 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Changing Seasons

    1. Chillbrook Post author

      Thank you Syliva. It was cold. Around 4c but I love the coast in winter. The tourists have, for the most part, deserted the beaches and the weather, the light, it’s all so dramatically beautiful. :-)

    1. Chillbrook Post author

      It is Marina. As I said to Sylvia, the winter weather and the light (when it’s not flat grey overcast) really make this land/seascape come alive. I think beaches never look more inviting than in pictures taken in winter. The summer light is just too harsh I think with all that sand to reflect it. :-)

    1. Chillbrook Post author

      Thank you Karen. It was blowing a gale and just 4c. Although warm by your winter standards, it was cold enough for me and it wouldn’t have been fun to be out on the water. It makes for good photo opportunities though. :-)

    1. Chillbrook Post author

      Thank you Gunta. I guessed you’d spot those. There are very many hills in Cornwall now that have sprouted these turbines. They are a much more welcome addition to the skyline than all those electricity pylons in my opinion. I think they add to this picture rather than detracting from it. I mention this because there are any number of committees convened to oppose such wind farms, almost before the landowner has made a decision to go ahead, on the grounds that they are an eyesore and a blot on the landscape. Sadly those unsightly pylons I mentioned are needed to feed the green energy back into the national grid so, we’re stuck with both unfortunately. The wind turbines are woefully inefficient of course but they are at least contributing something. :-)

      1. Gunta

        I don’t know about the pylons, but I think the turbines are beautiful. I don’t know just how efficient my solar panels are, but I feel sure they are contributing something as well… ;)

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