I posted some pictures from a previous visit to Haifoss (pronounced How-a-foss) at the end of last year.  This waterfall is so high, the gorge so deep, it would have been meaningless for me to put a human being in the picture to give a sense of scale as they’d appear as a meer speck and would be difficult to find.  You can see the solution I came up with for my last post below.. I hope you enjoy these latest pictures of this magnificent waterfall.. oh and by the way, these pictures were taken between 11pm and midnight. :-)

Haifoss, Iceland14mm f/22 1/2 sec.ISO-50

SpacerHaifoss, Sunset, Iceland14mm f/22 0.8 sec. ISO-50

SpacerHaifoss with statue of Liberty, Big Ben and St Paul's Cathedral.. And for scale :-)

SpacerAdrian Theze Photo logo_2Spacer


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