Finding a dark sky..

I must first apologise to all my blogging friends for being absent so long.  As I’ve been reminded by fellow bloggers, life happens and sometimes we just need to take a break.  I’ve just returned from an extended trip to Fuerteventura where to be honest, photography has taken a back seat and instead I’ve been simply taking care of myself.  Primary Progressive MS can be a difficult condition to manage and some recent events have taken their toll.  I’m lucky to be able to get away.

However, photography never takes an entirely back seat and whilst I was in Fuerteventura, I had this idea for a shot.  A traditional Canary Island windmill, taken at night, with the Milky Way lighting up the background.  Unfortunately, dark skies are really hard to find and mostly what I found, lighting up the sky, was the ubiquitous sodium lighting that the world seems to depend on so much.

Coming from one small island (the UK) where it’s impossible to find a dark sky to another even smaller island (Fuerteventura) where it is also impossible to find a dark sky, I’ve decided I really must travel to an area like the Arizona dessert or the wilds of Africa to truly appreciate the night sky.  Until that happens, my attempts to photograph the Milky Way are always going to be dominated by this horrible orange cast on some level so I’ll shelve this idea until I can travel somewhere that will let me truly appreciate the stars and get back to the business of taking photographs in daylight.

I’ll be working hard in the coming weeks to get back on top of my blogging.  In the meantime, here’s the best I could do with the image I had in my mind when I set out at 4 in the morning to a windmill that had sadly lost its sails in a storm.  I was present when the last sail was broken and tossed aside by a gale that was blowing sand and dust every which way and buffeting the car in a rather alarming manner.  It reminded me of Iceland albeit the wind was a good deal warmer.

14mm f2.8 15 sec. ISO 4000