Been away so long..

I’ve forgotten how to post.  Hi everybody.  A slightly forced term of absence due to health issues but I’m getting there.  I did get away in February to my favourite island in the sun, Fuerteventura and this is one of the pictures I took whilst I was there.  A large torch, and a couple of exposures mixed using masks in Photoshop made the photograph possible.  I hope you enjoy.

I will be visiting all your blogs in due course but will be using the reader from now on.  My inbox was being inundated with emails every time someone posted and as I always like to comment, the workload overtook me.  WordPress and the WordPress community has been so good to me I certainly didn’t want to abandon you guys completely.  I’ll do my best to keep up with all your amazing work.

This is a picture was taken at an abandoned village I’ve visited before, La Florida, except this time, I was completely in the dark.  Sort of..