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Seals at Jökulsárlón

Jökulsárlón is a glacial lagoon in the south of Iceland.  I have visited before and you can see the pictures I took then here.  It’s a very popular destination and in the depths of winter, we were treated to some amazing sights.  I’ve a lot more pictures to share from this wonderful place but for now I’m just going to share these. 

Seeing the seals on the ice was a real pleasure.  We have seals here in Cornwall and I’ve often watched them but never photographed them.  I was really pleased to get the opportunity to photograph these seals in this environment.  I love their smiles despite the cold.  Click on the pictures for a clearer sharper view..Seals at Jokulsarlon400mm f/5.6 1/125 sec. ISO-50spaceSeals at Jokulsarlon II400mm f/5.6 1/125 sec ISO-50

spaceSeals at Jokulsarlon III400mm f/5.6 1/125 sec. ISO-50

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