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Truro Cathedral

When my friend Marianne was visiting last week from the States, she needed to visit and bank and coinciding with a rainy day, I thought a trip to Truro wouldn’t go amiss as we could visit the cathedral. This isn’t the first time I’ve posted pictures from the cathedral and I don’t suppose it’ll be the last. It truly is a very beautiful building. I just wish I could get them to turn the awful electric lighting off.

I’ve left the pictures fairly large to allow you to zoom in and enjoy the detail. Just click on an image to take a closer look.  My apologies to those of you with a slow Internet connections, it’ll take a while to load the pictures but I hope worth the wait..

1AT_020832mm f/11 4 sec. ISO-100

40px spacer1AT_019332mm f/2.8 1/20 sec. ISO-100

40px spacer1AT_017824mm f/20 10 sec. ISO-100

I used a small aperture in the image above to give me the longest possible exposure allowing me to lose some of the visitors to the cathedral that kept walking through my shot.  Shooting at too small an aperture can soften an image but life’s all about compromise, as is photography.. ;-)

1AT_020948mm f/11 4 sec. ISO-100

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