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Waiting for the Light..

Driving to Arnastapi on a perfect day for landscape photography, that is, a mixture of sunshine and showers, we came upon a church which I thought would make a nice subject for a picture.  I reversed up and took the ‘road’ towards the church.  The church in question is called Fáskrúðarbakkakirkja at Snæfellsnes in western Iceland.

I could see from the clouds and the wind direction that things were going to get interesting if I waited a little while.  I wanted the church in sunshine but when we arrived it was in the shade.  As it turned out, waiting for the light, I got the church in sunshine, rain and just about everything in between and it all happened within about half an hour. This was the first shot, I could see the clouds gathering. Click on the pictures for a clearer, sharper view.  I hope you enjoy them..

Landscape photograph Fáskrúðarbakkakirkja, church, Iceland, mountains, waiting for the light 29mm f/11 1/25 sec. ISO-100

The clouds gathered and the sun turned them a gorgeous peachy colour, along with the mountainside but the church was still in the shade..
Landscape Photograph, Fáskrúðarbakkakirkja, church with sun dappling on the mountain, rain, waiting for the light, Iceland70mm f/11 1/25 sec. ISO-100

But as the rain swept in from the sea, the sun was obscured, the clouds took on a greyer colour and the mountain lost its warm tones. Now the church was in sunshine.

Landscape Photograph, Fáskrúðarbakkakirkja church with rain sweeping past towards the mountains, Iceland, waiting for the light70mm f/11 1/30 sec. ISO-100

And then the inevitable, as a few drops of rain made it my way and the sun came from behind the cloud, a rainbow appeared.  If only I could have got the rainbow over the church I would have been a much happier man but the rain was moving north, left to right, as opposed to coming straight towards me. The physics was all wrong. Still, it’s always nice to see a rainbow..
Landscape photograph, Fáskrúðarbakkakirkja, church with rainbow, clouds, Iceland, waiting for the light24mm f/11 1/50 sec. ISO-100

Looking north and with the sun fully behind me, I could enjoy the rainbow in all its glory. Unfortunately my camera couldn’t.  I needed a wider angle lens.  24mm just wasn’t wide enough and I knew that by the time I changed my lens, the rainbow would be gone.  I got a good bit of it in the frame..

Rainbow, Iceland, waiting for the light, Mountains, rain and cloud, sunshine and showers, landscape24mm f/11 1/50 sec. ISO-100

I have a clear favourite out of these images and I think you can probably guess from what I’ve said which that is. I wonder which you prefer..? ;-)