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Landscape Photograph, Iceland, Haifoss

I was very lucky, I received a new GPS for my birthday and completely by coincidence, I was given a Garmin which unlike the competition, had maps of Iceland pre-installed.  Naturally I took my Garmin along with me on this trip and these maps proved to be invaluable.  I was able to pinpoint locations on Google Earth and navigate to the coordinates with ease.  Without this tool, I may never have seen Haifoss.  As it was, the GPS wanted me to take a track which was in reality, a service road to a hydroelectric installation of some kind and clearly marked ‘staff only’.  Back-tracking, I found another road with a tiny sign marked ‘Haifoss’.  So easily missed.  I hadn’t seen another soul for hours when I turned onto this road.  Miles from anywhere, I really started to get a sense of the wilderness that Iceland is. Of all the places I visited in Iceland, Haifoss probably had the most impact.

Haifoss14mm f/10 1/5 sec. ISO-100

Coming upon the waterfall out of the mist and rain, I was seeing it just as the first person ever to see it had seen it.  There were no fences, no signs warning me that if I were to walk over the edge I might hurt myself and guess what, despite the lack of signs and fences, I did manage to stop myself from wandering over the edge.  I got very close to it in order to get my pictures but I’m not stupid..

Haifoss 236mm f/11 1/8 sec. ISO-100

I stood on the edge of this 122m/ 400ft gorge and I felt very alone and that felt so good.  I felt freedom, I felt alive, I felt a tremendous surge of emotion it’s now so difficult to describe. This was nature in the raw, unadulterated by other human beings.  I was being given the privilege of seeing this tremendous sight as it’s supposed to be seen.  For how much longer I wondered but pushed those thoughts to the back of my mind.  For now it is as it is.  One of the most beautiful sights I’d ever seen.

It’s very difficult to get a sense of scale here.  To help, I’ve had a bit of fun with next photo and placed a few famous landmarks in the scene.  The statue of Liberty is 93m tall.  Big Ben is 96m tall and St Paul’s Cathedral is 111m tall. This waterfall is 122m high, easily out ranking these other landmarks.

Haifoss Comp

I wasn’t given long before this beautiful valley was once more shrouded in mist and rain.  I was given the gift of an hour of solitude in this wonderful location to just wonder at the splendour of it all…

Haifoss 114mm f/10 1/6 sec. ISO-100

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