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On Top of the Clays..

And other stories..

The sun shone today! Albeit intermittently but the endless grey skies of late lifted so I grabbed my camera and headed out.  I found myself at the top of the clay burrows.  I’ve talked a little about the clay burrows before, these are huge mounds of waste material that pile up as the ultra precious china clay is blasted from the decaying granite which can be found in huge abundance in the hills of central Cornwall.  Burrow is a Cornish word meaning pile of waste material.

These are some of the biggest deposits of the best quality china clay (Kaolin) in the world and as the aerial photograph from Google Earth below shows, the workings are extensive.  Visible from space these white scars on the landscape remain hidden from the ground for the most part due to very careful management and ‘Greening’ of the landscape following the extraction of the clay.

What you don’t see from the air is the height of the waste, and the depth of the excavations.  I’ve put a little marker on the Google Earth image where I took my picture today.  The bright blue colour of the water in the bottom of the pit comes from minerals left behind when the clay is extracted.  The Google Earth image shows these pools as bright green, the colour changes with the light but it is always extremely intense.

_1AT5572A Post   14mm f/22 1/50 sec. ISO-100

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The ClaysGoogle Earth

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I mentioned other stories.  I was very flattered to be approached by a young composer in Sri Lanka who asked to use some of my images (I should have sent high resolution copies) in a video to accompany his most recent composition, Loneliness, that he was making to post on YouTube. This was certainly a first for me, it’s a lovely piece of music…

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