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Win a Nikon Coolpix..

A very good blogging friend and excellent photographer, Noeline Smith, has been shortlisted in the same Nikon Pro Competition that I won this time last year.  Take a moment to visit Noeline’s Website and you’ll see what I mean about her talent as a photographer.  It’s a huge honour to be shortlisted but Noeline’s picture is a worthy winner in my opinion.  The picture clearly shows what impact a very harsh and daring crop can have on a photograph. This is a tool I tend to overlook but have started to pay much closer attention to in very recent times, thanks to brilliant images posted by both Andy at Lenscaper and now Noeline’s competition entry, that clearly demonstrate the cropping tool is a tool that should not be overlooked.

This is the beauty of blogging, we learn from each other in such a creative and diverse community of like-minded individuals, what could be better?

But I digress, I’d be really grateful if you’d take a minute to click on the image below and visit the competition webpage. The other images are worthy of the shortlist that’s for sure but we’ve seen them before. Noeline’s image is creative and different and for that reason alone it gets my vote. But, it also goes on to tick all the other boxes that produce a winning photograph; it’s superbly composed, pin sharp and perfectly exposed.  And if that weren’t enough to get your vote, sitting on your backside in the middle of a field and not jumping up to beat a hasty retreat as a herd of none too bright cows, each weighing over half a ton, gallops towards you as curious cows are wont to do, ‘cos you want that photograph, well, that takes a hell of a lot of courage too.

It’ll only take a minute to vote and you could win a superb Nikon Coolpix camera for your trouble..  :-)


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