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Night and day..

I’ve been involved in a lot of other projects for the last few months that haven’t allowed me to do much landscape photography.  It’s easy to forget where we come from creatively and this weekend, it just came to a head, I was forgetting who I was as a photographer.  I knew I needed to get back in touch with my roots.  I needed to get out there at dawn, stand on a beach in the dark and in a biting, finger numbing cold wind to capture the start of a new day.  This is where it all starts for me literally and figuratively.  This kind of shoot nourishes my soul and my creativity in a very unique and very special way and it can’t get much better than that.

I went back to basics this morning and reconnected with the environment I love so much in the way I like to do it best, with a camera, a tripod and an empty beach.  Despite growing, developing and exploring new areas of my photographic creativity which is how it should be, I needed this.  This kind of creative exercise is like going back to your hometown after years away and rediscovering the building blocks that made you the person you are.  It never does to lose sight of these things.

At this time of year in these more northerly latitudes, this meant an incredibly early start so this morning, I was up at 3.30, checking equipment and drinking loads of tea before heading out the door and driving towards a location I hadn’t been before, Harlyn Bay.  I hope you enjoy the picture.. :-)

1AT_0795FRW20mm f/11 25 sec. ISO-100

Click on the picture for a sharper image.

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