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Porthnanven, Cot Valley, Cornwall

Porthnanven is somewhere I’ve been before.  The dinosaur egg beach as it’s affectionately known is one of my favourite places.  There is something really special about this beach and it’s what got me up at 2 am and out the door by 2.30 to travel an hour’s distance to be on the beach at half past three, waiting for first light.

It came surprisingly quickly as it would this time of year but before the sun rose too far, I was able to do some painting with light.  The flashlight that had got me onto the beach at low tide, in the dark and in one piece, became a useful device for lighting my scene.

When I was processing this shot, I couldn’t decide between the blue hour, ‘straight from the camera, no white balance adjustment’ photograph or the one where I’d adjusted the white balance to compensate for the light at the blue end of the spectrum that dominates at this time of day.  This has the effect of warming the picture slightly.   Which do you prefer?

Click on the images for a sharper, clearer view ;-)

Cot Valley - Porthnanven, Cornwall36mm f/8 180 sec. ISO-100

40px spacerPorthnanven - Cot Valley, Cornwall36mm f/8 180 sec. ISO-100

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Porth Nanven

I was up at 3am this morning.  I really wanted to catch the early morning light. I packed my camera gear and the all important thermos mug of tea and I was on the road by 3.45.

After just over an hour’s drive I arrived at the small village of St Just.  Here my Sat Nav got a little confused.  It kept trying to direct me down roads that were no more than alley’s, more suited to bicycles than cars, but I finally managed to find my way onto an only very slightly wider road that lead me through the Cot Valley to Porth Nanven. I arrived about a half hour before sunrise..

_1AT5762 frw24mm f/11 0.81 sec. ISO-100 – Click for a clearer, sharper view ;-)

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