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Enjoying the Sunshine

I’ve just arrived in Fuerteventura. I’ll be here for the next the weeks enjoying the sunshine and the wonderful sandy beaches. In staying in a villa just yards from Sotovento beach, a few miles south of Costa Calma. It’s heaven.

We’ve no WiFi here so I’m going to be out of touch for a little while. I’ll hope to catch up with you all on my return.

DSC07332A fr

I’m Publishing this post from my smart phone, not something I’ve done before and it’s not going smoothly to say the least but fingers crossed.

See you all soon..

The Sun Also Shines – part one..

As followers of this blog will know, I like bad weather.  At least, I like to photograph dynamic weather.  As a result I feel sometimes that I do Iceland a disservice as many of my photographs tend to be taken when the weather is doing its thing.

However, of course the sun also shines in Iceland and when the sun shines in the winter months, it’s magical.  Daylight is very limited, just a few hours a day and with the sun hanging so low in the sky, the light has a wonderful quality.

Last week I shared some pictures of Vik in the Sunshine.  This week I’m sharing a few more blue sky landscapes.  As I started to go though my archives, I realised there were far more sunny days over the last couple of winters I’ve been in Iceland than I’d remembered so I’m going to be posting these picture postcard winter landscapes over several posts.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them..

Picnic Bench, Iceland by Adrian ThezeSpacerBlue sky landscape, IcelandSpacerFinding the road can sometimes be an issue..DSC_5578ASpacerAnd wondering what’s coming next..DSC_5627ASpacerDSC_6022ASpacerDSC_4661ASpacerDSC_5360ASpacerAdrian Theze Photo logo_2Spacer

The Stuff of Life..

I know that conventional wisdom suggests that we should shun the sun.  It’s bad for us, it can give us skin cancer.  However, the sun gives us life.  Life on earth would not exist but for the sun.  The Incas and other civilisations worshiped the sun and with good reason.  They recognised that the sun was life.

Where am I going with all of this?  Well to put it frankly, the sun makes one feel good and I for one will not cover up and cower in the shadows.  I can’t take heat, heat is not good for my MS however, here in the Canary Islands, in early March with a constant cooling breeze, I can enjoy the sun and enjoying is what I’ve been doing.  This mega dose of ‘feel good’ is just what I needed.  I can recommend it to anyone.  Having seriously depleted vitamin D levels after a dire winter in the UK,  I can safely say, I’m now nicely topped up.

This picture was taken at dawn this morning from the small fishing village of El Cotillo, looking south along the coast to the mountains, the extinct volcanoes that form the back bone of these islands.

El Cotillo, Fuerteventura by Adrian Theze70mm f/4 1/160 ISO 100

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