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I’ve just returned from a few days away staying in Anglesey in North Wales.  I was staying in a holiday cottage in a village with an unpronounceable name with my friend, photographer and fellow blogger Poppy and her BB, not to mention Lottie, a beautiful white German Shepherd.

I’d never visited this part of Wales before and it was a real pleasure.   We were very lucky with the weather and given the forecast was looking so good, we booked a trip to the top of Snowdon on the little train that runs from the station at Llanberis to the very top of the mountain.  Poppy stayed with Lottie while her BB and myself set off for the top.

Snowdon is the UK’s third highest peak at 1085m or 3560ft above sea level.  The mountain is quite unique of course in that the other two peaks that beat Snowdon in terms of height above sea level, Ben Nevis and Càrn Eige, require a great deal more effort to reach their respective summits.  These two peaks I should mention are in the Scottish Highlands of course.  As my hiking days are over sadly, being able to catch a train to the top is a very real bonus.

There are two services that run from Llanberis.  There’s the diesel service, the only one that had any tickets left, and the more romantic perhaps, steam service.  As the picture of the steam service below illustrates however, romanticism comes at a price and I was quite glad I was only able to get the diesel ticket.

Snowdonia Steam Train70mm f/11 1/640 sec. ISO-100

SpacerIn my experience, smoke aside, there’s an awful lot of soot in coal smoke.  Diesel although not great, is definitely the cleaner fuel.

Given the weather, I knew I wasn’t going to be taking fine art, moody, mountain landscape photographs on my way to the top.  I certainly wasn’t complaining however.  As the conductor pointed out, there have been very few clear days at the summit of Snowdon this year.  We were very lucky to be treated to the spectacular views in the photographs below..

Winding our way to the Summit

Snowdonia Train24mm f/8 1/400 sec. ISO-100

SpacerLooking North, taken from the train

Snowdonia I24mm f/8 1/500 sec. ISO-100

SpacerLooking north-west, you can see the coastline and the Irish Sea, Anglesey to the right

Snowdonia II24mm f/8 1/400 sec. ISO-100

SpacerLooking east, back down the line towards Llanberis

Snowdonia III24mm f/8 1/400 sec. ISO-100

SpacerLooking north-west again, taken from the train, to the right you can just see the rise in the land in the far distance.  This is the island of Anglesey

Snowdonia IV24mm f/8 1/400 sec. ISO-100

SpacerTaken from the summit looking south

Snowdonia V24mm f/8 1/400 sec. ISO-100

SpacerTaken from the summit once again, looking south-west.  The coastline is just visible to the right of the picture

Snowdonia VI24mm f/8 1/400 sec. ISO-100

SpacerAll pictures were taken with a Sony A7R and a Carl Zeiss 24-70mm lens.  Click on the images for a clearer, sharper view!

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