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When the sun doesn’t shine..

On my recent visit to Fuerteventura, out of the 23 days we were there, we had two really quite stormy days and rather than spend my time, as so many visitors appeared to be doing, wandering around shopping malls looking thoroughly miserable, of course for me as a photographer, this was an opportunity.  I grabbed my camera and headed off into the mountains but not before catching one last photo of the sunshine on the beach before the clouds finally took over completely.

If you look closely, down in the bottom left, you can just see a tiny red flag on the beach indicating it was no longer safe to swim on what is normally a very safe beach indeed. Stormy weather indeed!

Playa de Sotovento65mm f/11 1/250 sec. ISO-100

dsc0829670mm f/8 1/100 sec. ISO-100

dsc0893040mm f/8 1/100 sec. ISO-100

dsc0893630mm f/8 1/100 sec. ISO 100

dsc0893870mm f/8 1/100 sec. ISO-100

Such a wonderful backdrop to this tiny village in the heartland of Fuerteventura.  This extinct volcano, its caldera so clearly defined

dsc0894228mm f/8 1/100 sec. ISO-100

What was wonderful to see after the rain, just a couple of days remember, was the scrub and even the sand come alive with green plants and fresh green shoots.  It was as if spring had arrived in the island though of course it was autumn.

Fuerteventura is a wonderful place to visit and I can recommend it to anyone.  For me, in the off season, this is the very best time to visit even though you can’t be guaranteed that every day will be clear blue skies, that’s perfect for me and my camera.

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Skogafoss, Autumn

I posted a picture a couple of days ago of Skogafoss in the winter.  This is a picture, a long exposure shot, I took of the same waterfall in the autumn.  The golden glow from a sun, very low in the sky, gave the whole scene a great deal of warmth.  No people for scale in this picture but if you saw my other photo (click here if you didn’t), you’ll have a good idea of the size of this wonderful waterfall already.

Skogafoss Waterfall in the autumn24mm f/11 61 sec. ISO

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Just one day to go..

Autumn is now coming to a close and on the 21st December Winter will start or I guess Summer will start if you’re in the southern hemisphere.  Either way, to mark the occasion the Digital Lightroom has been running a ‘Shades of Autumn’ photography competition.  The prize for the winning photograph is Topaz Lab’s Complete Collection.  A superb prize worth $400.  I know you all must have lots of autumn pictures tucked away on your hard drives by now so why not send them in to The Digital Lightroom It really is a great prize, I use Topaz processing software all the time, and you never know…

DSC_154532mm f/16 1/25 sec. ISO-100

We look forward to seeing your entries.  Just follow the submission guidelines that you’ll find on the Digital Lightroom website. The Best of luck :)

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