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We live in a beautiful world..

Hofn by Adrian Theze

But we live with evil amongst us.  The news from Manchester over night has left us all so shocked.  That those that seek to hijack our way of life and terrorise us should choose such a soft target, chilldren and young teenagers enjoying a concert, I’m beyond words.

The way people reacted to this atrocity: people forming lines to ensure disabled people in wheelchairs were able to exit the venue amidst the panic, people who were genuinely fearing for their lives and whose first instinct must have been to run did not; those that stopped to pick up people who fell, fighting the tide of panicked people rushing for the exits, making space and carrying them out; the taxi drivers, turning off their meters to ferry people away to re-unite them with their loved ones; the restaurants and hotels offering shelter, food and support to those affected and a million and one other kindnesses, make us realise that goodness prevails and will always prevail.

This evil was met instantly with love and solidarity.  Ordinary people of all faiths and those with none, interrupting their lives, rushing to help in any way they could.  This is what we must take from this.  Good people, the vast majority of the people inhabiting this planet will stand together against this evil.

To all those affected by this terrible event, who have witnessed the darkness first hand, I hope that you can find your way back, though good knows how, to re-connect with the beauty of our planet and heal. All right minded people across the world, our thoughts are with you.

Hofn by Adrian Theze