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Sete Cidades – A Lost World

Rim of the Caldera, Sete Cidades by Adrian Theze

While driving towards Sete Cidades on the island of São Miguel in the Azores, a glance backwards may well reveal the island laid out before you.  A glance forwards more often than not will reveal a bank of clouds obscuring the summit of the Sete Cidades volcano.  As you drive into the mist, you wonder what you might possibly see.


14mm f/11 1/640 sec. ISO-100

SpacerApproaching the rim of this massive caldera however, the clouds give way to one of the most stunning views I think I’ve ever seen.  A lost world. Lost in the clouds.

Within the Caldera a community thrives shrouded in the clouds that form over the island as moist warm air from the Atlantic makes landfall and starts to condense.  I’ve posted about Sete Cidades before here.  These are a selection of pictures taken both on the caldera rim and down at the caldera lake.  I hope you enjoy them.. :-)

DSC07996fr25mm f/10 1/125 sec. ISO-100

SpacerDSC_6632fr56mm f/11 1/100 sec. ISO-100

SpacerDSC08052fr24mm f/8 1/125 sec. ISO-100

SpacerDSC_6646fr48mm f/11 1/200 sec. ISO-100

SpacerDSC0810fr70mm f/4.5 1/200 sec. ISO-100

SpacerDSC08014fr46mm f/7.1 1/100 sec. ISO-100

SpacerDSC6611Afr14mm f/11 1/100 sec. ISO-100

SpacerDSC08023Afr60mm f/9 1/125 sec. ISO-100

SpacerDSC07914Afr24mm f/6.3 1/160 sec. ISO-100

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