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This is one of a number of short films I made whilst in Iceland.  It’s a shame it wasn’t a better morning when visiting this amazing waterfall.  Thankfully on other days filming, the weather was better.  Why not sit back for a minute or two, listen to this wonderful piece of music and enjoy this wonderful scenery.. :-)

Music is the Lonesome Boatman by the Fureys

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Here’s a picture of Skogafoss in Iceland treated a little differently to my usual.  This picture was taken on a very dull, miserable morning to be honest and the day really didn’t hold any promise for a photograph of any sort, or so I thought.  I took some pictures anyway, despite the conditions, of course.  Processing the pictures in black and white however with a low key approach, there was a picture there after all.  There really is no such thing as bad weather..

Skogafoss waterfall, Iceland24mm f/11 90 sec. ISO-100

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Skogafoss, Autumn

I posted a picture a couple of days ago of Skogafoss in the winter.  This is a picture, a long exposure shot, I took of the same waterfall in the autumn.  The golden glow from a sun, very low in the sky, gave the whole scene a great deal of warmth.  No people for scale in this picture but if you saw my other photo (click here if you didn’t), you’ll have a good idea of the size of this wonderful waterfall already.

Skogafoss Waterfall in the autumn24mm f/11 61 sec. ISO

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Skogafoss, Winter

Skogafoss, Iceland, in winter

This is a picture I took of Skogafoss, a waterfall in the south of Iceland which is some 200 feet (60m) in height and 82 feet (25m) across.  You can just see the tiny figure of a friend of mine who braved the spray to take a closer look. On such a cold day, I was quite happy to keep a certain distance.

An iconic waterfall and a guaranteed stop on any Golden Circle Tour, Skogafoss is worthy of the attention it receives.  The water cascades over what was once a clifftop but as the sea receded, the coastline is now just over three miles away, the cliffs remained.  Due to the amount of spray the waterfall consistently produces, a single or double rainbow is normally visible on sunny days. According to legend, the first Viking settler in the area, Þrasi Þórólfsson, buried a treasure in a cave behind the waterfall. The legend continues that locals found the chest years later, but were only able to grasp the ring on the side of the chest before it disappeared again. The ring was allegedly given to the local church. The old church door ring is now in a museum, though whether it gives any credence to the folklore is debatable.

Skogafoss, Iceland, in winter70mm f/11 1/80 sec ISO-50

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The guidebook describes Skogafoss as, excepting Gullfoss which I’ll come to, one of Iceland’s most famous waterfalls.  It really doesn’t disappoint in sheer power and immensity.  Tons of water cascades over the 62m/ 204 ft drop every second with a tremendous roar.  It’s a truly beautiful sight.

Skogafoss62mm f/11 1/20 sec. ISO 100