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Saturday, Dawn, Trebarwith

You may have seen my pictures from Trebarwith Strand in previous posts.  It’s a place I like to return to.  With all the terrible weather we’ve been having I wondered how the little village was coping.  I was unable to park in my usual place and set up on the rocks down on the beach because the waves were crashing over the the little wall and onto the road but because of the rocks I’ve photographed often, the waves were really a spent force by the time they reached the road and with the exception of the public toilets that looked as though they’d been flooded repeatedly, the small businesses that cater to the tourist trade looked like they’d weather the storms without damage. To get a couple of pictures I drove up to the Port William pub that sits on the cliff.  With so little light and wtithout a tripod, I upped the ISO to permit a hand-held shot, hence the rather grainy appearance.  I hope you enjoy the picture nonetheless.

Dawn Trebarwith

24mm f/11 1/100 sec. ISO-800

If you read my last post, you’ll know I was quite upset about a young photography student’s experience with a particular teacher at Truro College here in Cornwall.  I wanted to emphasise that Truro College is an excellent place to study and I didn’t want the antics of one particular teacher to detract from the excellent work they do so I took the post down.