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Driving the back lanes..

I’ve been out a couple of times recently, just driving around the back lanes, seeing what I can find.  I came across this cottage whilst driving across Tregoss Moor. A real fixer upper.  I was attracted by juxtaposition of the old cottage, the sign directing animals and horse-drawn vehicles to use the gate to avoid the cattle grid and then that awful electricity pylon, a ubiquitous symbol of the modern world and our reliance on all things electric now…

_1AT5638A29mm f/22 1/100 sec. ISO-100

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The front door to the cottage was so tiny, only about 5ft in height if that.  It must have been a very small person who lived here.  Either that or someone who was permanently banging their head…

_1AT5626PW24mm f/22 1/4 sec. ISO-100

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