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Most mornings we set off around 7am from our apartment building in Reykjavik, first light was around 9am with sunrise happening around 10.  This took some getting used to but had some very distinct advantages.  There certainly wasn’t a need to get up at 3am, as has been the case this last summer here in Cornwall, to capture the dawn light.

One particular morning we set off for the very southernmost tip of Iceland.  I wanted to capture the dawn from the lighthouse there.  This involved taking Þjóðvegur 1 or the Hringvegur, (ring road) otherwise known as route 1 from Reykjavik.  This road circumnavigates Iceland and is 828 miles long.  Two lanes for the most part, it has a speed restriction of 55 mph and speed cameras to enforce it.  The road surface appears to be made up of compressed volcanic ash giving a lovely smooth surface but after a few miles, the shiny hire car delivered to you at the airport is covered in a fine grey film of dirt that builds with each mile.  At many service stations you’ll see Icelanders hosing down their cars with pressure washers. This would account for rarely seeing a dirty car in Iceland.  Our hire car was a disgrace by the final day.  Shamed we tackled an automated car wash before returning the car.  It took some working out.

Anyway, I digress.  Travelling along the Hringvegur in the dark, we could see little apart from the road ahead until, in the distance, we could see lights but were struggling to make sense of what we were seeing.  As we got closer it became obvious, a beautifully floodlit waterfall took shape.

The waterfall in question is called Seljalandsfoss and posting this picture gives me the opportunity to thank Chris who accompanied me on this trip, struggled with the luggage, carried my camera bag, helped me set up my shots, tolerated the constant stops and generally provided support without which, I couldn’t have made this trip.  That’s Chris silhouetted to the left of the waterfall..

Seljalandfoss, seljalandsfoss waterfall at night, silhouette

45mm f/5.6 60 sec. ISO-100