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Walking the Dog.. St Ives

I was in St Ives again this week, visiting with a friend who is visiting Cornwall and while we were sitting in the shade, keeping cool (it’s been unusually hot and sunny of late) I got out my camera and did a bit of street photography.  This was a first for me.  I feel quite uncomfortable about taking candid shots of people without their knowledge or consent.  As a result I found my camera focusing more on people’s dogs.  Britain is known as a nation of dog lovers and a short 20 minute period taking pictures on the streets of St Ives certainly seemed to confirm this.  Lots of dog but clearly lots of responsible owners as the streets were clean despite their numbers.

There was a real holiday atmosphere in the town which was lovely.  How different people are when the sun shines.

By the way, if any dogs featured would rather their pictures were not part of the gallery, please get in touch and I’ll take down your photo immediately.  Oh and the same goes for the people of course. ;-)

I hope you enjoy the gallery of photos.  Click on any images for a slideshow. :-)

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