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Roller Banners

We’ve all seen them at shows, country fares, car showrooms.  The roller banner is a useful way to create an instant display anywhere.  I’ve been asked to showcase my work in a variety of settings where there wasn’t the opportunity hang pictures and these banners seemed like a good way to go so I’ve designed some for myself.

I will be at the Royal Cornwall Show this year and a number of other venues and these banners will provide an instant display.  I’ve had one printed and it worked very well.  I was glad to see the D800 earning it’s living allowing me to enlarge the photographs to 2m in height without any problem at all.

The problem I have however is which banners to print.  I have 8 designs and I only really need four so I was hoping for some help in choosing..

I’d really appreciate it if you’d vote for your favourite banner. Hovering over the banners with your mouse will give you their titles. I’ll then go ahead and have the winning four printed. Thank you for your help! :-)