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The Seaman’s Mission Project – Salt of the Earth

I was very honoured to be invited, along with my camera, to the launch of a new book that has been created by David and Jan Penprase to raise money for the Mission to Seafarers in in Newlyn, Cornwall.  The book contains photographs and biographies of the fishermen and people associated with the fishing industry in this tight-knit fishing community.  All proceeds from the book will go to the Fishermen’s Mission which does invaluable work. No matter what problem a seafarer might be facing, be it injury, abandonment, non-payment of wages or personal difficulties, they know they can turn to the local Mission for help, advice and support.

David Penprase works exclusively in black and white film and the book is a superb collection of his work with the fishermen of Newlyn and their families, some of whom I had the pleasure of meeting last friday night.  More information about the book can be found here

The book is a 160 page heavy weight A4 publication which retails at £20, all of which goes directly to the Fishermen’s Mission.  Fishing is a tough and dangerous business.  The storms of last winter really took their toll with fisherman unable to get out to sea.

I have a copy of the book and I’m not at all surprised that within hours of the book’s launch, it had made over £7000.  It’s a fascinating insight into the lives of the people of Newlyn and will be a resource for generations to come.  I would recommend this book to anyone especially given the good work the proceeds of the book will do.  The photographs are a lesson in how to take and print portraits from one of the best in the world.  It can be purchased through eBay here

This gallery is a small collection of the photographs I took at the book launch.  Click on any image to start the slide show.



I’m going to be away for the next couple of weeks, visiting a country I have always wanted to go to and which is, coincidentally enough, ;-), a bit of a landscape photographers dream location..  I’m very excited to be going and looking forward to immersing myself in the landscape and focusing 100% on photography and creativity for creativity’s sake, no agenda, just pictures.  With my business, Royal Photographic Society distinctions and all sorts of other projects in the last year, it feels like it’s been a while – just me, my camera and the landscape I’m in. Can’t wait.. :-)

Talking of the Royal Photographic Society, I’m rather chuffed, tootling my own trumpet here, that my Licentiate Distinction Panel is featured in a new information pamphlet produced by the Royal Photographic Society about the distinctions process, distinctions that are recognised the world over as marks of excellence in photography.  click on the link to download or view the leaflet to learn more about gaining an RPS Distinction. Marketing leaflet 2015

See you all when I’m back in a couple of weeks.  I’ll still be dipping into your blogs when I can but WiFi will be limited.