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St Ives Harbour..

With just a day before the Royal Cornwall Show opens where this year, in the West Country Arts and Crafts Marquee, I have my own stand, my house looks more like a warehouse.  With bubble wrapped framed prints, mounted prints in cellophane bags and boxes of cards and other sundries spread about finding somewhere to sit has become a pressing issue.  Having been so very organised, as the opening day approaches, it all feels a bit chaotic with a ton of things to think about and others things yet to do.  It’ll all come together I’m sure.

Taking a break, I’m still working through the photographs I took whilst Poppy was here.  I think in my last post I mentioned there’d be more from St Ives and  I think this picture gives you a sense of that very special light I talked about.  Here it can be seen, working its magic on an overcast shot of the harbour at low tide.  Click on the image for a clearer sharper view. :-)

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Its the picture that comes first. Always the picture ;-)

28mm f/11 1/160 sec. ISO-100

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Surf but where’s the beach..?

Because of the nature of Porthleven Harbour, great surf is created at the entrance to the harbour just as it would be if the swell were coming up on a beach. This is a favourite spot for local surfers who enter the water at the edge of the harbour.  In the picture below, if you look very carefully, one guy can be seen with his board on the steps of what I think might be the old lifeboat station.  They then paddle out to enjoy some exceptional surf and great wave riding, even on a freezing cold March day like today..
1AT_032632mm f/11 1/160 sec. ISO-100

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1AT_022070mm f2.8 1/2000 sec. ISO-100

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