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St Ives Harbour..

With just a day before the Royal Cornwall Show opens where this year, in the West Country Arts and Crafts Marquee, I have my own stand, my house looks more like a warehouse.  With bubble wrapped framed prints, mounted prints in cellophane bags and boxes of cards and other sundries spread about finding somewhere to sit has become a pressing issue.  Having been so very organised, as the opening day approaches, it all feels a bit chaotic with a ton of things to think about and others things yet to do.  It’ll all come together I’m sure.

Taking a break, I’m still working through the photographs I took whilst Poppy was here.  I think in my last post I mentioned there’d be more from St Ives and  I think this picture gives you a sense of that very special light I talked about.  Here it can be seen, working its magic on an overcast shot of the harbour at low tide.  Click on the image for a clearer sharper view. :-)

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